Case study: Engineers Week 2014 at LotusWorks

Fact file

dscf1249Who? LotusWorks is an established Irish Engineering and Technical Services Company with over 25 years’ international operations experience. The company specialises in Calibration, Commissioning, Automation, and Contract Staffing Solutions for Commercial and Manufacturing sectors.  LotusWorks was founded in 1988 by Fergal Broder and has grown from strength to strength to become the company that it is today. LotusWorks now employs over 400 people on both sides of the Atlantic and continues to grow.

What? LotusWorks organised three engineering challenges for students from the post-primary school in Coola, Riverstown, Co. Sligo.

Where? LotusWorks, Marino House, Finisklin Business Park, Co. Sligo

When? Tuesday 11th February 2014

Why? LotusWorks has supported Engineers Week in the North West Region for the past six years and the initiative has become part of our Corporate Social Responsibility policy. The company is always interested in taking part in initiatives that support engineering.

The details

LotusWorks organised three engineering challenges for 19 students aged 13-15 years from the post-primary school in Coola, Riverstown, Co. Sligo.

The challenges were engineering-focused and tested the engineering abilities of the students. The students had to build a wind turbine, suspend a marshmallow on spaghetti and attempt to wrap an egg sufficiently to ensure it did not break when dropped from a height.

Students were also shown a video on the future of engineering in Ireland and on the engineering services offered by LotusWorks.

dscf1237The kids really enjoyed the activities they took part in. They put a lot of effort into the challenges and it was a great sense of achievement for the students who won the challenges. There was a prize for the winners of the challenges and kids were treated to lunch and refreshments. It was a positive experience for the students and they also learned a lot about engineering from watching the videos.

The week was a great opportunity for our company to get involved with the local community. It was a sense of achievement for the staff who took part to be able to encourage the students to get involved and it was a satisfying experience to see how much the kids enjoyed it.

LotusWorks feels inspired to continue to encourage students from a young age to consider engineering as a career choice. The company recruits engineers on a daily basis and realises the importance of the engineering profession in Ireland.

We would recommend Engineers Week to other organisations and we hope to get involved again next year.


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