Inspire the next generation of engineers from your laptop!

I m an Engineer Team IAEGMOOH Twitter_optI’m an Engineer Ireland is an online STEM outreach competition happening in this year’s Engineers Week.

Between 6th–17th March 2017, engineers will connect with curious school students across the country by answering questions about their work on the themes of Health, Space and Energy at

Apply for I’m an Engineer Ireland at:

Taking part is an accessible, exciting way to develop your communication skills, help students understand what it’s like to be an engineer, and find out what young people all over the country really think about engineering. You could also win €500 for your own engineering outreach activities, and do all this without leaving the office.

There’s no need to prepare activities in advance or take a day off work. Just log in to the site when you can to answer questions from students and engage directly with classes in live, text-based, chats alongside fellow engineers..

Students then vote for their favourite engineer over the two weeks to win the €500 prize. Engineers who are members of Engineers Ireland can also record 1 day of CPD for their participation.

See what previous participants said here: “The chats were amazing, you could feel the energy, excitement and enthusiasm of the students across the”Internet” – Ned Dywer, Space Zone 2016

Find out more, and apply by 6th February, at

For more info, contact or call +44 1225 326 892.

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