Editors Pick: Water Crisis Challenge

Be a champion of change this February 29 – March 06 and organise an Engineers Week activity in your local community, giving young people the opportunity to engage with STEM.

Engineers Ireland, STEPS have selected an Engineers Week activity of the week and this week it’s the official Water Crisis Challenge! Showcase the social impact of engineering and teach children how limited access to water has a serious impact on standard of living, students then use classroom materials to design a solution. Adaptable for all ages.



Did you know 71% of girls respond more positively to hands on activities?


Remember it’s very important to register your involvement, so that we can evaluate the impact of Engineers Week and continuously review and improve. Registered activities are also entered our competition and have a chance of winning some interesting prizes.

Download the Water Crisis Challenge and view our library of resources http://www.engineersweek.ie/promoteyourevent/

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