Liebherr: Where Tech and Heavy Lifting Unite

 “ There is only one thing in the long run more expensive than education : no education.” – John F. Kennedy.

Liebherr was established in Killarney in 1958 and since that time has become an integral part of the community. Apprenticeships, scholarships and ties with locals colleges and schools are key elements for Liebherr in attracting a high calibre of recruit. Engineers week, allows us to reach out to schools in the local area and showcase the high tech jobs and careers that can be found at Liebherr Container Cranes.  

 Liebherr Container Cranes is responsible for worldwide marketing, design, manufacture, delivery, erection and servicing of ship to shore container cranes, rubber tyre gantry cranes and rail mounted gantry cranes. A wide variety of highly skilled engineers are required to design and build such products. Today, automation, remote control, data analytics and global connectivity are just some of the topics driving development of our cranes. Today Liebherr Container Cranes is very much a high tech engineering company as well as a traditional heavy engineering manufacturer. The company, with it’s reliable, high-performance port equipment and container cranes, is renowned worldwide. 

For example, On the 28th and 29th of November, the Liebherr Maritime Cranes Division held its Maritime Cranes Sales Conference in Liebherr-MCCtec Rostock, Germany.

At this event, the Liebherr Sales Managers for maritime cranes worldwide gather with their factory colleagues (Killarney, Rostock and Nenzing) from sales and engineering for a two-day conference. 

 As part of a “Product Insight” initiative, Liebherr Container Cranes Ltd. showcased remote control and automation of its rubber tyre gantry crane. Delegates at the conference in Germany remotely operated a fully functional RTG crane, which was located in Liebherr Container Cranes, Killarney, Ireland.

In this instance, Liebherr’s automation solution incorporated a Liebherr custom designed Remote Operator Station (ROS). Typically, the ROS will be used in automated environments for exception handling, however it has been designed to provide full remote driving of all Liebherr container cranes and so drivers can be removed from the crane to the office environment.

 In this example, the crane operators in Germany have been removed by 1500 km from the crane, and delegates got the opportunity, using the ROS, to remotely operate the RTG based at Liebherr Container Cranes in Ireland. The remote operator has all of the normal driving functions, driver aids and safety functions that would be in the cab.

With this showcase, Liebherr has demonstrated its readiness for the next steps as we move into a world where globally interconnected devices and systems become the norm.

 Engineers week allows us to invite interested students from the local area into Liebherr Container Cranes and see what great opportunities are available in their local community. 

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