Engineering activities

A selection of hands-on engineering activities that are suitable for primary and post-primary students. The activities include engineering connections, resource lists and instructions. These activities work well for groups during Engineers Week and are designed to be run by any teacher, parent, club leader or volunteer.


Eng-bot activity

Can you engineer a robot that scribbles on paper? Kit also available at STEM Educational.

Egg drop challenge

Can you design a system to protect an egg from cracking from a fall?

Rapunzel reading challenge

Rapunzel is ready to escape from her tower, can you help?

Engineers Week Gravity

Pupils investigate falling things, gravity and explore how falling objects may be slowed down.

Apple mummy
Bending water
Blowing out candles
Which way does the wind blow

Use techniques to preserve and protect foods (as Gaeilge).

Affect the flow of water using static electricity.

Blow out a candle around a bottle using the Coanda effect.

Design a sensor to collect data on wind direction.

Discover E

Browse through Discover E’s range of engineering activities and resources.


Dream Big

Discover the range of educational resources that accompany the Engineers Week documentary Dream Big.


STEM Educational

Still unsure. You can purchase an a ready to execute activity. (you will be directed to an external site)