Stream A Documentary

Documentaries are a great way to explore engineering and get involved in Engineers Week. This year we have 5 documentaries available to stream. Please register below by February 28th and STEPS will send you streaming links, plot, audience, and running times including any pairing educational resources that tie in with each documentary. You will receive this communication in February ahead of Engineers Week.

Big Hero 6

In this Disney adaptation of a comic with the same name, a 14-year-old genius invents special microbots to join his brother’s university robotics program. After tragedy ensues, a group of heroes unites and uses their strengths in chemistry and engineering to overtake a crafty villain. Length: 1 hour 41 | Audience: U Age 7 + | Cost: €13.99 SD


Dream Big

Dream Big celebrates the human ingenuity behind engineering marvels big and small, and reveals the heart that drives engineers to create better lives for people around the world. Length 42 minutes | Audience: U | Age: 7+ | Cost: €4.02


John Phillip

As seen on RTE, this acclaimed documentary is based on John Phillip Holland, the revolutionary Irish engineer behind the first fully functioning modern submarine. Length: 50 minutes | Audience: PG | Age: 14+ | Cost: Free



Hidden Figures

Women in engineering. Hidden Figures is a drama, based on true events, about a group of African – American women who were hired by NASA for their skills  in mathematics to be part of America’s space programme in the 1960’s. Length: 2 hr 7 | Audience: PG | Cost: €3.49


The Story of Water

This documentary focuses on the critical value of our most precious natural resource and explores the ongoing threats to its future. It seeks to educate and inform; with a range of contributions from engineers, scientists and consumers. It explores the development and current state of Ireland’s public water network, with a unique perspective on the ongoing national project to upgrade the country’s drinking water supply and wastewater treatment, and the role we all have to play in conservation.
Length: 46 minutes | Audience: PG | Age: Secondary School | Cost: FREE


Underwater dreams

If you like Stinky from the Dream Big movie, you’ll love this documentary which tells it’s story. A robotics team from a lower-income high school takes on university teams — including MIT — in an underwater robotics competition.. Length 1.25 minutes | Audience: U | Age: 7+ | Cost: from $6.99